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Commerce Dept. Report Provides Solid Framework to Bolster Cybersecurity, Says BSA

13-Jun-2011 | Source : | Visits : 8065

WASHINGTON - The Business Software Alliance (BSA) applauded in a press release Commerce Secretary Gary Locke and the Department’s Internet Policy Task Force for proposing a framework to develop a robust set of voluntary standards that would bolster the cybersecurity posture of private infrastructure operators, software and service providers, and users outside the realm of critical infrastructure.

“I applaud Secretary Locke, his team at the Commerce Department, and their colleagues in the White House for establishing a flexible, non-regulatory framework to improve America’s cybersecurity posture,” said BSA President and CEO. “Today’s recommendations will help foster innovation and dynamism in the face of evolving cybersecurity threats. Hackers and cyber thieves are constantly looking for new ways to pry open security systems. We need to be as nimble as they are. The Commerce Department has articulated a vision for fostering that process.”

The Commerce Department unveiled the new proposals today in a green paper. Its recommendations include steps to create a nationally recognized approach to minimizing vulnerabilities for the Internet, information technology and communications sectors; incentives for companies in these sectors to combat cybersecurity threats; education and research initiatives; and a commitment to share best practices internationally to promote globally integrated security standards and practices.

“Today’s report establishes a solid framework for industry and government to collaborate in designing effective cybersecurity standards and practices,” said Holleyman.

“Collaboration is vitally important because it recognizes the fact that everyone has roles and responsibilities in strengthening cybersecurity. It is too big a job for either the public or private sector to handle alone.”

“It is also important for America to take a leadership role in promoting effective security standards and practices for the world,” Holleyman added. “The Commerce Department’s report makes a firm commitment to advance best practices internationally.”

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