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Delpor Announces Issuance of Nanopore Drug Delivery Patent

23-Jun-2011 | Source : | Visits : 10423
SAN FRANCISCO, CA - Delpor Inc., a biotechnology company focused on drug delivery, today announced in a press release that the United States Patent and Trademark Office issued on June 7, 2011 US Patent No. 7,955,614 covering Delpor’s microfabricated nanopore device for the sustained release of therapeutic agents. The device uses Delpor’s proprietary NANOPORTM technology for the sustained (zero-order) release of large and small molecules for several months after subcutaneous implantation. Delpor has exclusive rights to the patented technology and has several product candidates in development.

Numerous therapeutic agents including interferon-alpha, human growth hormone, and GLP-1 can benefit from long-term sustained delivery. The benefits of such delivery include improved safety, efficacy, medication adherence, as well as patient convenience in cases where frequent subcutaneous injections are required. Delpor’s unique technology is able to achieve steady (zero-order) release of agents for several months through passive diffusion (i.e., without using an osmotic pump, or any mechanical parts inside the device). A nanopore membrane, fabricated to include arrays of channels with precise geometry, is used to control the rate of diffusion and provide a zero-order rate of release of the substance.

“This patent is an important component of Delpor’s intellectual property portfolio” said Tassos Nicolaou, president and CEO of Delpor. “Our NANOPORTM technology may be used for the sustained long-term delivery of a variety of therapeutic agents while eliminating the need of using any mechanical parts inside the device. This allows tremendous formulation flexibility, simplifies the manufacturing process, and most importantly eliminates the safety risks associated with osmotic systems”


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