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EnWave Strengthens IP Portfolio for nutraREV™ and powderREV™ Dehydration Technologies

09-Aug-2011 | Source : | Visits : 9019
VANCOUVER - EnWave Corporation announced in a press release that the Company has strengthened its Intellectual Property (“IP”) portfolio through the allowance of a key patent application for its nutraREV™ food dehydration technology.

The Company has also filed a new patent application on its powderREV™ bulk biomaterial dehydration technology, and received a favourable report on patentability from the international Patent Cooperation Treaty (“PCT”) Examiner on its first powderREV™ patent filed with the PCT in 2010. EnWave’s business model provides exclusive testing rights and royalty-bearing licenses for products created using the Company’s proprietary Radiant Energy Vacuum (“REV”) dehydration technologies. Patents are the basis on which the Company is able to grant exclusivity of use to its multinational partners, all of whom are contributing to the introduction of this dehydration method to the global processing industry.

“We continue to make excellent progress through the gauntlet that is global intellectual property protection,” Chairman and Co-CEO, Dr. Tim Durance, stated. EnWave Corporation. “This is an ongoing, complex, expensive and time-consuming process, and one that is fundamentally important to our strategy of commercialization through partnerships with the world’s largest food, biomaterials and pharmaceutical companies.”

On July 11 2011, EnWave received a “Notice of Allowance” from the Canadian Intellectual Property Office (“CIPO”) for its nutraREV™ equipment and method of use patent, meaning that the patent will now be issued in Canada. The Company expects that other jurisdictions around the world where this patent application was filed will follow suit in granting the patent, depending on their individual patent evaluation backlog. In January 2011, EnWave was granted a trademark in Canada and the U.S. for its nutraDRIED™ brand, and the Company is now working with several of its partners to develop co-branded nutraDRIED™ food products using REV technology. EnWave’s goal is for nutraDRIED™ to become a recognizable standard in high-quality snack food and ingredients by consumers all over the world.

On July 25 2011, EnWave received the International Preliminary Report on Patentability (“IPRP”) from the Patent Cooperation Treaty (“PCT”) examiner on the Company’s first patent application for powderREV™ bulk biomaterial dehydration technology. The IPRP is the first official feedback that inventors receive on a patent application, and in this case the Examiner found all 18 claims in the patent application met the triple requirements of global novelty, inventiveness and industrial applicability. Although the PCT does not itself grant patents, the IPRP is forwarded by the PCT to each national patent office in which the Company will seek patent protection. A favorable IPRP is an important step towards eventually receiving an issued patent.

Finally, on July 19 2011, EnWave filed its third patent application in the United States on the commercial-scale design of its powderREV™ technology with claims related to equipment design and methods of use. If successful, this application will lead to patents which extend the Company’s claims and control over this technology until 2031.

EnWave Corporation is a Vancouver-based industrial technology company developing commercial applications for its proprietary Radiant Energy Vacuum (REV) dehydration technology. In collaboration with an expanding list of multinational partners, including Nestlé, Kellogg’s, Danisco, Grupo Bimbo, and Grimmway Farms, EnWave is introducing REV as a new dehydration standard in the food and biological material sectors: potentially faster and cheaper than freeze drying, with better end product quality than air drying or spray drying.

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