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Implant Sciences Granted US Patent for Explosives Trace Detection Technology

20-Sep-2011 | Source : | Visits : 8066
WILMINGTON, MA - Implant Sciences Corporation, a high technology supplier of systems and sensors for homeland security markets, today announced in a press release that it has been issued patent #7,994,453 from the United Stated Patent and Trademark Office. The patent, titled "Flash Heating for Tubing," describes a method for cleaning the sample tube of a chemical detection system. Keeping the sample tube clean is important for obtaining accurate analysis results. 

Todd Silvestri, Implant Sciences' Vice President of Technology, commented, "Our vision is to use our intellectual property to improve security and make it easier for security professionals to do their jobs. This innovation will result in faster sampling throughput, improving overall system efficiency." 

Glenn D. Bolduc, president and CEO, added, "The innovations of our engineering team lead directly to the increasing acceptance of our products in the field. Our growing patent portfolio, which includes non-radioactive ion generation, the technology behind our fully automatic self-calibration system, and non-contact sampling, fortifies our competitive position and supports shareholder value." 

Implant Sciences develops, manufactures and sells sophisticated sensors and systems for Security, Safety, and Defense (SS&D) markets.

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