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Saladax Biomedical Issued Six Patents

12-Jan-2012 | Source : | Visits : 7861
BETHLEHEM, PA - Saladax Biomedical Inc. announced in a press release that it has been issued six patents within the last 12 months, bringing the company's total to 15 issued US patents, all of which contain broad claims in the immunoassay space.

The issued patents are as follows:

Busulfan Immunoassay: US Patent No. 7,893,220
Stabilized Standards for Busulfan Immunoassay: US Patent No. 8,039,220
Doxorubicin Immunoassay: US Patent No. 8,053,205
Imatinib Immunoassay: US Patent No. 8,076,097
Doxorubicin Immunoassay: US Patent No. 8,084,586
Resperidone Immunoassay: US Patent No. 8,088,594

"The issuance of these patents in the US positions Saladax as the leader in chemotherapy dose management and we believe that Saladax has been issued more patents in the therapeutic dose management (TDM) space than any other diagnostic company," said Salvatore J. Salamone, founder and CSO of Saladax. 

"Of particular note, our patent for Resperidone marks a significant milestone for Saladax as this is our first patent in the CNS field."

Saladax's first commercially available test for innovative dose management, My5- FU, measures levels of 5-fluorouracil (5-FU), a widely prescribed chemotherapy drug used in conjunction with other drugs in first-line therapy for colorectal cancer and other solid tumors. The assay technology enables oncologists to determine the optimal dose of 5-FU for each individual patient, thereby increasing the effectiveness of the drug and lessening the risk of severe toxicity and other side effects.

Saladax Biomedical develops and commercializes novel diagnostic assays to achieve the promise of personalized medicine through dose management and companion diagnostic products for existing and new therapeutics.

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