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Shared Spectrum Company Awarded Patents for Key Dynamic Spectrum Access Technologies

01-Feb-2012 | Source : | Visits : 7451
VIENNA, Va. - Shared Spectrum Company (SSC), the leading innovator of dynamic spectrum access (DSA) and cognitive radio technology, announced in a press release that it has recently been awarded four new patents from the US Patent and Trademark Office related to DSA methods, systems and devices. These inventions involve advanced technologies that enable the more efficient use of radio spectrum resources, such as the “white spaces” in the television and other bands. The company also has several additional patents pending in the US and Europe.

“Shared Spectrum company has taken an early leadership position in patenting key DSA and spectrum sharing technologies,” said Thomas Stroup, SSC’s CEO. “Our patented technologies enable the industry to more efficiently and effectively access scarce spectrum resources in order to feed the insatiable demand for wireless bandwidth across commercial and government sectors.”

“Our early, extensive research, development and testing of our spectrum sensing methods and new access approaches are producing a growing patent portfolio of inventions that can be implemented across diverse wireless systems,” said Dr. Mark McHenry, principal inventor and SSC’s founder and CTO. “Our solutions help solve many interference and coexistence problems.”

The recently awarded patents include:

US Patent No. 8,027,249 entitled ”Methods for Using a Detector to Monitor and Detect Channel Occupancy” (link to PDF)
US Patent No. 8,055,204 entitled ”Methods for Detecting and Classifying Signals Transmitted Over a Radio Frequency Spectrum” (link to PDF)
US Patent No. 8,064,840 entitled ”Method and System for Determining Spectrum Availability within a Network” (link to PDF)
US Patent No. RE 43,066 entitled ”System and Method for Reuse of Communications Spectrum for Fixed and Mobile Applications with Efficient Method to Mitigate Interference” (link to PDF)
With these recent grants, SSC has substantially increased the size of its patent portfolio, adding a wide range of claims to previously issued US Patent Nos. 7,146,176, 7,409,010, and 7,564,816, some of which derive from Dr. McHenry’s first provisional patent application filed in 2000.


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