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ATHENA Project Website Gains Place in Cyber World

18-Mar-2012 | Source : | Visits : 10218
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AMMAN - The ATHENA Project website is a pleasure to browse in its upbeat format at ( It is informative, educative and attractive to the general reader and specialist in cultural heritage. 

The website is intended to be one of the flagships of the Ancient Theaters Enhancement for New Actualities program to develop and upgrade the way we deal with these time immemorial Roman and Greek structures scattered throughout the north and south of the Mediterranean countries. 

In a straightforward layout the website is easy to browse, divided into categories, sections and linkages highlighting the nature of the ATHENA Project and the partner countries involved like Jordan, Tunisia, Italy, Spain and Algeria. 

You can surf through its electronic pages, check over the history of theaters and browse interesting modern and old images of famous sites, learn more about these important cultural treasures, use of 3D laser technology in heritage documentation and protection, read important publications and articles about such important monuments as Jerash and Petra in Jordan, Siracusa in Italy, Merida in Spain, Cherchell in Algeria, and Carthage in Tunisia. 

Highlighting its educative value, there is a thesaurus involving terms and terminologies inside the theater as well as of its popular usages that have developed throughout the ages. In bygone days such theaters were used to stage popular events and as places for local communities. The website is aimed at reviving some of these in its activities and events section. 

In less complicated technical language the website is written to get the message across to the public, it aims to reintegrate local communities to play a popular role in the usage and development of these ancient theaters. 

The blog in the media section is aimed at reigniting such a role by encouraging members of the public to contribute to the website by way of comments, articles and opinions from all over the countries in the Mediterranean project and all over the world.

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