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Special 301 Report Shows How Piracy Hampers Legal Sales of Software and other IP-Intensive Goods, Says BSA

08-May-2012 | Source : | Visits : 9369
WASHINGTON, DC - The Business Software Alliance (BSA) applauded the Office of the United States Trade Representative for drawing political attention to the world’s worst havens for software piracy in its annual “Special 301 Report", which lists trading partners that are not providing adequate protection and effective enforcement of intellectual property rights, according to a press release by BSA.

“Today’s report shines a spotlight on the harm that rampant piracy in the world’s fastest-growing markets causes to software and other industries that depend on intellectual property rights,” said BSA President and CEO Robert Holleyman. “Countries like China, Russia, Indonesia, and Ukraine have fast-growing IT hardware markets, but their software piracy rates are unacceptably high — and that has a tangible impact on innovators.”

“I especially applaud Ambassador Kirk for drawing attention to the fact that sales of IP-intensive goods and services in China remain disproportionately low when compared to sales in similar markets that provide stronger environments for IPR protection and more open market access,” Holleyman said. “When it comes to legal software sales, China continues to lag far behind other big emerging markets. Focusing on that bottom-line reality helps set the stage for a more results-oriented approach to curbing IP theft in China and elsewhere.”

BSA will soon release its ninth annual Global Software Piracy Study, which will provide detailed updates on the rate and commercial value of software piracy in 116 countries and regions around the world. This year’s study also will provide in-depth analysis of the habits and outlooks of people who pirate software.

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