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ICANN New Meeting Strategy Working Group Launched

12-Feb-2013 | Source : | Visits : 9125
MARINA DEL REY, CA - Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has committed to identifying ICANN Meeting locations two years in advance.

According to the Corporation, after consideration that adoption of a prior Consolidated Meetings Strategy proposal was not timely, the Public Participation Committee (PPC) initiated work to create a working group to address the meeting location strategy which was presented to the ICANN Board for approval in February 2013.

In line with the Board resolution adopted on February the 2nd 2013, ICANN is creating a new Meeting Strategy Working Group and now invites interested individuals to apply for Volunteer Member positions – in representation of a Supporting Organization or Advisory Committee – to serve on the Meeting Strategy Working Group.

The successful operation of ICANN's public meetings in all of the geographic regions is an important part of ICANN's accountability and transparency efforts. The action today will allow community members to serve alongside Board members and staff in helping to develop a meetings strategy that will align with community needs, while taking into account the fiscal and facility requirements for these meetings.

The mandate and Mission of Meeting Strategy Working Group as defined in the MSWG Charter is as follows: to discuss and propose strategy for the structure, purpose and locations for ICANN Public Meetings and conferences, starting in 2015.


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