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MENA ICT Forum 2013 Inaugurated, Abu-Ghazaleh's TAGIPEDIA Launched

07-Mar-2013 | Source : | Visits : 7817
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AMMAN - The Talal Abu-Ghazaleh ENCYCLOPEDIA (TAGIPEDIA), a general Arabic digital encyclopedia, one of HE Dr. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh's initiatives was launched at the MENA region’s premier ICT industry event, “MENA ICT Forum 2013” held under the patronage of HM King Abdullah II bin Al Hussein.

The launching created a one-of-a-kind buzz among those who are interested in enriching the Arabic content on the World Wide Web and who waited eagerly to have the biggest source of information on various key subjects.

Mr. Tareq Hammad, TAGIPEDIA executive director said:"We looked at MENA ICT Forum 2013 as the perfect launching pad for TAGIPEDIA which is a knowledge sharing system that provides an open source methodology with a total free access option. It is the first initiative of its kind that targets Arab academics, scholars and readers, and provides them with general knowledge from an Arabic cultural, historical, and educational perspective."

The MENA ICT Forum of 2013 covers new levels that are of importance for the region through an agenda, rich in content; discussing a number of important, pivotal issues related to the atmosphere of regional investment. In addition to supporting legislative codes, communication and information technologies infrastructure, pioneering, investments in new companies, and coverage of educational bodies and the development of human resources. This year’s Forum has been organized in partnership with the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology and Ijma3 MENA ICT week with support from USAID.

"Dr. Abu-Ghazaleh saw a lack of credible source for Arabic content on the Internet and wanted to enrich it by providing database that delivers a broad variety of knowledge in all humanitarian sciences, with the highest standards of quality," he added.

A team of researchers, academics, historians and language experts worked together to create TAGIPEDIA.

According to Mr. Hammad TAGIPEDIA's vision is  to offer every Arab citizen of tomorrow a source of guaranteed high quality knowledge, and to make an optimal use of technology in all aspects of life.

"Our commitment is to initiate a knowledge sharing society in the Arab world," he said.

TAGIPEDIA is a general/global encyclopedia that consists of quality knowledge data covering all the fields and areas in the Arab world. The aim of TAGIPEDIA is to ensure the ability to display/share knowledge in the Arab community and to provide efficient access to knowledge in specialized areas of the society. TAGIPEDIA data categorization has been developed in a way to ensure a scientific ontology that specifies a hierarchy of concepts (or classes) to which the user can assign information.

The MENA ICT Forum is a an event organized once every two years by the Information Technology Association of Jordan (Int@j), which was founded in 2000 as an industry-support association for Jordan’s ICT sector; a recommendation articulated in the REACH Initiative aiming to boost the country's ICT sector and maximize its ability to compete in global markets, create quality employment opportunities, and foster a knowledge-based economy and society. 

The MENA ICT 2013 covers exceptional new opportunities that exist in our region revolving around key topics that are related to the investment in the ICT sector and the overall infrastructural and legislative environment. Topics will tackle entrepreneurship in the ICT, developments in the mobile communications industry, convergence of technology with the various economic sectors (such as education and health sectors), developments of start-up and medium sized companies in the sector and investment in such companies, as well as developments catalyzed by social media networks and the proliferation of content and data on the web and other Internet platforms.

It is worth mentioning that the forum has witnessed considerable success in the previous years, starting with “Jordan ICT forum” in the years 2000, 2002, 2004 and 2006 followed by the MENA ICT umbrella that was developed in 2010.


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