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Community-wide Working Group Completes Recommendations for Continued Use of ICANN Geographic Regions Framework

23-Jun-2013 | Source : | Visits : 7821
MARINA DEL REY, CA - The Geographic Regions Review Working Group, a community-wide working group established by the Board, has nearly completed its work developing recommendations to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) Board for the continued use of the ICANN Geographic Regions Framework. ICANN stated in a press release that the Working Group has produced those recommendations in a Final Report document that is being shared today with the community.

According to the Working Group Charter, each community Supporting Organization and Advisory Committee that contributed members to the Working Group will now have the opportunity to formally review and comment on this document before it is submitted to the ICANN Board. The Working Group will host a workshop during the upcoming ICANN Public Meeting in Durban, South Africa and briefings will be made available to the leadership of all Supporting Organizations and Advisory Committees (SOs and ACs) as needed.

The Working Group was formed by the Board to (1) identify the different purposes for which ICANN's Geographic Regions are used; (2) determine whether the uses of ICANN's Geographic Regions (as currently defined, or at all) continue to meet the requirements of the relevant stakeholders; and (3) submit proposals for community and Board consideration relating to the current and future uses and definition of the ICANN Geographic Regions. A full record of the Working Group's past reports and public workshops and presentations can be found at the Working Group's Confluence Wiki space (

The Final Report will soon be formally shared directly with the leadership of the SOs and ACs participating in the Working Group. They will have a full 90 days after the conclusion of the Durban meeting to discuss the Working Group's recommendations with their communities and, if they choose, to submit written statements back to the Working Group. Later this year, after that exchange has taken place, the Working Group will formally submit its Final Report recommendations to the ICANN Board for consideration.

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