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NGPC Begins Consideration of GAC Durban Advice on New gTLDs

18-Aug-2013 | Source : | Visits : 8688
LOS ANGELES, CA - The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) Board New gTLD Program Committee (NGPC) met on August 13, 2013 to begin consideration of the GAC's further advice regarding new gTLD applications in the GAC Durban Communiqué, issued on 18 July 2013.

According to ICANN, the NGPC is developing a GAC scorecard similar to the one used to address the Beijing Advice as well as during the GAC and the Board meetings in Brussels on February 28 and March 1, 2011.

Each GAC scorecard item will be noted with a "1A", "1B", or "2":

•"1A" indicates that the NGPC's proposed position is consistent with GAC advice as described in the Scorecard.

•"1B" indicates that the NGPC's proposed position is consistent with GAC advice as described in the Scorecard in principle, with some revisions to be made.

•"2" indicates that the NGPC's current position is not consistent with GAC advice as described in the Scorecard, and further discussion with the GAC is required following relevant procedures in the ICANN Bylaws.

The Durban scorecard is not yet finalized and, with respect to some of the items, cannot be finalized until after the review of applicant responses due on 23 August 2013.

At its most recent meeting, the NGPC also adopted resolutions prohibiting Dotless Domains in new gTLDs and adopting the BGC's Recommendation to deny Reconsideration Request 13-4.

The NGPC will next meet on or about 10 September 2013 and will provide a further update following that meeting.

The New gTLD evaluation and objection processes remain on track while the NGPC continues its deliberations on GAC Advice. The NGPC is prioritizing its work in order to allow the greatest number of applications to move forward as soon as possible. We will continue to provide updates on the NGPC's progress in responding to the GAC Beijing and Durban Advice.

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