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Abu-Ghazaleh Calls for Establishing Strategic Plan for Arab-Chinese Economic Partnership

11-Jun-2014 | Source : | Visits : 6346
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BEIJING - HE Dr. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh, chairman of Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Organization (TAG-Org), advocated the need to set up a Strategic Plan for the Arab-Chinese Economic Partnership in the period (2015-2040) which aims at reaching broader horizons of commercial exchange by land, by sea, by air and electronically.
This statement came within Dr. Abu-Ghazaleh’s speech and research paper delivered at the special seminar organized by the China Institute of International Studies (CIIS) on Arab-Chinese cooperation to establish the Silk Road Economic Belt and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road in conjunction with the Ministerial Conference of the Arab-Chinese Cooperation Forum. 
He stressed on the necessity to construct joint investments that establish the launch of a commercial matrix of goods and services for the countries of the Silk Road taking into consideration the competitive prospective with the global economic powers and the economic integration between the Arab countries within a specific legislative framework.
Dr. Abu-Ghazaleh pointed out the significance to finalize the road and transport network as an essential requirement to create an appropriate infrastructure to enrich the Silk Road, to form a higher commission for economic planning, and to expand extent of current cooperation in addition to the preparation of general joint frameworks for global projects and initiatives. 
Moreover, he submitted a number of proposed projects to enrich the Silk Road represented in establishing an electronic city founded in partnership of all Silk Road related countries, and to organize a permanent exhibition for the products of these countries that enables direct and indirect sales to be held once every two years. 
Abu-Ghazaleh also suggested establishing the Silk Road’s Culture and Science Council that will manage the dissemination of knowledge. 
Furthermore, he called for the establishment of the CHINAID as a non-profit development organization that employs government financial resources and other resources presented by the private sector within its Corporate Social Responsibility.
Dr. Abu-Ghazaleh also insisted on the need to give the e-commerce, trade in knowledge and commerce in service the priority as it’s today and in the future as important as trade in goods that started 2000 years ago.

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