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United States Patent Issued to Adamas Pharmaceuticals

06-Aug-2014 | Source : | Visits : 6366
EMERYVILLE, Calif. - Adamas Pharmaceuticals Inc. announced in a press release that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) issued US Patent No. 8,796,337, entitled "Composition and Method For Treating Neurological Disease." The claims of this patent are directed towards methods for treating human subjects with amantadine therapy, including Adamas' lead product candidate ADS-5102 and similar amantadine-based products.

"This is our third issued US patent covering the methods of use of controlled-release amantadine formulations, potentially extending our coverage beyond Parkinson's disease into a wider set of indications, including other movement disorders," said Gregory T. Went, PhD., Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Adamas and a co-inventor on the patent. "We are pleased with the expansion of our patent estate, and we are continuing to pursue additional composition of matter and methods of use patents to protect a wide range of controlled-release amantadine products."

ADS-5102 and related controlled-release amantadine product candidates of ours are currently covered by three issued US method of use patents that expire in 2027 and 2030 and an additional 11 US patent applications. These patents and patent applications are wholly owned by Adamas and are not subject to any license agreements. Adamas also owns additional foreign patent applications covering ADS-5102.

Adamas' strategy is to discover novel pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic relationships and to obtain patent protection on pharmacokinetic profiles, timing of administration, dose strengths and drug combinations. Secondarily, Adamas seeks to protect specific formulations. Overall, Adamas' patent portfolio of pharmacokinetic enhancement and fixed-dose combination inventions related to its central nervous system product and product candidate portfolio now includes 15 issued US patents, 12 pending US patents and 18 patents granted by patent authorities outside of the US, and multiple pending applications.
Adamas' most advanced wholly-owned product candidate is ADS-5102 (amantadine HCl), a high dose, controlled-release version of amantadine, that is administered once daily at bedtime. Adamas is initially developing ADS-5102 for the treatment of levodopa-induced dyskinesia (LID) in patients with Parkinson's disease. LID is a movement disorder that frequently occurs in patients after long-term treatment with levodopa, the most widely used drug for Parkinson's disease. There are no approved drugs for the treatment of LID in the United States or Europe. Adamas is also evaluating ADS-5102 for additional indications.
Adamas Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a specialty pharmaceutical company driven to improve the lives of those affected by chronic disorders of the central nervous system. The company achieves this by modifying the pharmacokinetic profiles of approved drugs to create novel therapeutics for use alone or in fixed-dose combination products. Adamas is currently developing its lead wholly-owned product candidate, ADS-5102, for a complication of Parkinson's disease known as levodopa-induced dyskinesia (LID) and is evaluating other potential indications. The company's portfolio also includes a fixed-dose combination product candidate, MDX-8704, being developed with Forest Laboratories, Inc., a subsidiary of Actavis plc, and an approved controlled-release product Namenda XR®, which Forest developed and is marketing in the United States under an exclusive license from Adamas. For more information, please visit

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