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WWF Statement on .ECO Award

09-Oct-2014 | Source : | Visits : 6255
BRASILIA - In response to the awarding of the .ECO domain to a community application supported by WWF, Richard McLellan, .ECO Community Council co-chair and director of footprint at WWF International issued the following statement:  
“The potential for the global environment movement to collaborate like never before has been unleashed with the announcement by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) that the .ECO domain has been awarded to a community application presented by a consortium of global environmental groups to ensure the domain is used for the greater good.  
“This successful bid is the culmination of many years of hard work by the members of the .ECO Community Council and only made possible by the passion and commitment of the application’s “brain trust” at Big Room – the Vancouver-based company which will serve as the .ECO registry.
“Representing more than 50 major environmental groups – including WWF, Greenpeace, Conservation International, Green Cross and the David Suzuki Foundation -- and millions of environmentalists around the world, the .ECO Community Council has committed the .ECO domain to serve in the best interests of the world’s natural environment.
“From the outset of this bid, we have been determined to make sure that the .ECO domain is at one with the values and goals of the environment movement, and delivers tangible nature conservation benefits around the planet.
“On behalf of my co-chair, Helio Mattar of the Akatu Institute for Sustainable Consumption in Brazil, all of the other members of the .ECO Community Council, and the broader environment movement, I look forward to all of this work now coming to fruition.
“With still much work to be done before the .ECO domain becomes fully serviceable, the Community Council and Big Room will now focus on launching and governing .ECO in the service and interests of the community, while ensuring accessibility and usefulness for registrants.”

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