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Synergy Biomedical Announces Issuance of Core Patent for Next Generation

12-Nov-2014 | Source : | Visits : 6387
COLLEGEVILLE, Pa. - Synergy Biomedical, LLC, a developer of biomaterial products for orthopedic and spine surgery, announced in a press release that it was issued a core patent (US Patent 8,871,235) that broadly covers the use of its novel BIOSPHERE® particles in a variety of bone healing products. Synergy’s innovative approach to improving bioactive glass is based on using spherical particles with a bimodal size range. In this form, the bone healing response is significantly improved through the optimal release of dissolution ions and particle packing.
“Bioactive glass has had a long history of successful clinical use as a bone graft material. Synergy is the first company to develop products using a next generation, spherical form of bioactive glass that improves healing,” stated Mark Borden, Ph.D., president and CEO of Synergy. “The issuance of our recent patent provides Synergy with extended coverage of our innovative BIOSPHERE technology. The new patent covers our full developmental pipeline including various bone graft forms, resorbable and non-resorbable cements for fracture repair and joint reconstruction, as well as porous constructs for bone fusion.”

In addition to BIOSPHERE Putty, which was recently cleared by the FDA for use in spinal fusion surgery, Synergy plans on developing a variety of products with improved bone healing that incorporate BIOSPHERE particles. This includes BIOSPHERE Sheet (a porous bone graft that becomes flexible when hydrated with blood or bone marrow), and BIOSPHERE CS (a resorbable calcium sulfate based bone graft that sets into a hardened form).
Founded in 2011, Synergy Biomedical is a privately-held medical device company focused on bringing biomaterial based products to the orthopaedic and spinal markets. The Company’s BIOSPHERE® Technology represents an innovative approach to advancing bone graft technology, and improving bone healing and patient outcomes.

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