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Ecosphere Technologies Announces Ozonix(R) Exclusive Technology Licensing Agreement with US H20

26-Jan-2015 | Source : AG-IP News | Visits : 6002
STUART, FL - Ecosphere Technologies, Inc. (OTCQB: ESPH), a technology development and intellectual property licensing company, today announced in a press release that it has signed an exclusive technology licensing agreement with US H20, Inc., to deploy its patented Ozonix® water treatment technology on an exclusive basis in the United States for the Landfill Leachate and Marine Port & Terminal fields of use. 

Based in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, US H20 is dedicated to improving the communities in which it operates by providing high quality products and reliable water treatment services designed to protect human health and the environment from harmful contaminants in water. The principals of US H20 have extensive contacts and close working relationships with landfill and port operators across the country, developed over three decades of leadership in the disaster remediation and environmental services industries.

"Leachate is a growing problem for municipal landfills, causing a significant threat to surface water and groundwater," said US H20 Chairman, Stewart G. Fuzzell. Fuzzell continued, "Leachate is generated when rainwater percolates through landfills and absorbs biological and chemical compounds from decomposing landfill materials. Traditionally, landfill leachate has been hauled or pumped to off-site treatment facilities for disposal. The onsite leachate treatment services offered by US H20 serve as a cost-effective and green alternative to hauling leachate to an off-site treatment plant." 

Fuzzell added, "Similarly, in the marine industry, clean water is critical to sustainable, profitable operations. US H20 partners with marine operators to protect the environment and preserve marine industry assets through cost-effective and environmentally responsible treatment of ballast and marine process wastewater. We look forward to leveraging the patented Ozonix® water treatment technology applications and equipment developed by Ecosphere to serve US H20 clients."

Under the terms of the license agreement, US H20 will pay Ecosphere Technologies an upfront technology licensing fee as well as ongoing royalty payments on all Ozonix® related gross revenue. Dean Becker, CEO of ICAP Patent Brokerage, Ecosphere's exclusive intellectual property brokerage firm, stated, "The ownership and management behind US H2O is well positioned to deploy Ecosphere's patented Ozonix®technology across the two fields-of-use that they have licensed. When you combine patented and award-winning water treatment technology with Ecosphere's proven ability to exclusively manufacture its patented Ozonix® water treatment equipment for US H2O, you have a win, win for both parties. We look forward to working with such a professional and experienced group as US H2O."

Dennis McGuire, Chairman and CEO of Ecosphere Technologies, stated, "This latest Ozonix® technology licensing agreement with US H20 continues to serve as a testament to Ecosphere's multi-patented and proven Ozonix® water treatment technology as well as its competitive advantages across a wide range of industrial wastewater industries." McGuire added, "What makes the US H20 licensing deal such a milestone event for Ecosphere is that it is the first example of Ecosphere licensing sub-applications of major industrial water treatment markets. Instead of charging one customer a substantial upfront Licensing Fee for each of the Industrial and or Marine sectors, which these two applications fall under, we are able to license many niche, sub-applications under each of the major industries. The licensing fees are much lower for our customers and we are able to get deals done more expeditiously."

McGuire continued, "We have found that there are a substantial amount of potential licensees focused on servicing specific niche markets and don't necessarily need entire sectors of large industries such as the Agriculture, Food and Beverage, Industrial, Marine, Mining and Municipal water treatment markets. There are dozens of sub-applications in each one of these large wastewater treatment markets in the U.S. and every country of the world that our patented Ozonix® technology is available to be licensed. We look forward to working with US H20 and continuing to monetize our intellectual property across many industries and sub-applications for Ecosphere's shareholders." 

In addition to licensing its patented Ozonix® technology for the Landfill Leachate and Marine Port & Terminal fields of use in the United States, Ecosphere has licensed its patented Ozonix® technology for all global Energy applications (Oil & Gas, Nuclear, Power Generation, Coal, etc.) as well as the Food and Beverage industry in Brazil. 
Ecosphere's patented Ozonix® technology, a revolutionary Ozone-Based Advanced Oxidation Process (AOP), has enabled oil and gas industry customers to treat, recycle and reuse over 5 billion gallons of water for approximately 1,200 oil and natural gas wells in the United States and Canada, while eliminating millions of gallons of liquid chemicals and generating over $70 million in equipment sales, service and licensing revenue. The Company has also successfully manufactured and deployed approximately 50 Ozonix®machines to a wide variety of major hydraulic fracturing shale plays around the United States and Canada.

Ecosphere's patented Ozonix® technology is protected by U.S. Patent No's. 7,699,994; 7,699,988; 7,785,470; 7,943,087; 8,318,027; 8,721,898; 8,858,064; 8,936,392; 8,906,242; with Numerous Patents Pending and can be licensed through ICAP Patent Brokerage, the world's largest intellectual property brokerage firm, for hundreds of specific field-of-use applications around the world.

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US H20 is a consultancy, service and maintenance company focused in the treatment of wastewater and reuse of treated water. We are established to offer cost-effective and environmentally friendly solutions that address the growing water management needs of landfill and marine/port operators and help to protect human health and the environment from harmful contaminants in water. US H20 leverages best in class technology and manufacturing equipment to service its clients accurately and expediently with an experienced technical staff who are ready to serve with the principle of total customer satisfaction.
Ecosphere Technologies, Inc. (OTCQB: ESPH) is a technology development and intellectual property licensing company that develops environmental solutions for global water, energy and industrial markets. We help industry increase production, reduce costs, and protect the environment through a portfolio of unique, patented technologies: Technologies like Ozonix®, the Ecos PowerCube® and our recently announced Ecos GrowCube™, which are available for exclusive and nonexclusive licensing opportunities across a wide range of industries and applications throughout the world.

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