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US Envoy Addresses World Intellectual Property Day Celebration

27-Apr-2015 | Source : Petra News Agency | Visits : 5570
AMMAN – US Ambassador to Jordan Alice G. Wells, addressed a celebration to mark the occasion of World Intellectual Property Day organized by Dar Al Anda Gallery, according to Jordan Press Agency (Petra).
"In coming together on World Intellectual Property Day, we are reinforcing the values that these creators have in our world, in our economic resources and into their work," the US official said at the event.
She also said, "We are acknowledging that while these talented individuals work in their fields because it is their passion, it is also their profession and not a hobby, and they need to make a living to support their families." She added, "To paraphrase World Intellectual Property Organization Director General Francis Gurry, it is essential for a vibrant culture that creators are able to derive real economic value from their work." Creators and the companies with which they work need protection from illicit downloading and copying, she said.
"However, these acts only serve to undermine art, culture, creativity and passion, and they prevent artists from benefiting from the fruits of their labor. This is where intellectual property rights can help, by playing a part in protecting creative work and by ensuring the creators are compensated when their works are infringed upon," the U.S ambassador said.
The ambassador added that Jordan, which depends greatly on the innovation of its citizens, is ahead of the curve on intellectual property rights, Wells noted.
"From its initial Trademark Law in 1952, Jordan has kept pace with the latest developments in intellectual property protection".
In keeping with its international commitments, including its ascension to the membership of the World Trade Organization in 2000, Jordan recognizes and enforces the full range of intellectual property rights laws, and has continued its efforts to combat intellectual property infringements, Wells added.

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