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11-Jun-2015 | Source : AG-IP News | Visits : 5171
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PARIS - The deployment of the Frogans technology on the Internet continues with the opening on June 15, 2015- 12:00 UTC of the priority registration period for entrepreneurs who would like to build an initiative based on the Frogans technology.
From this date, anyone can register a dedicated Frogans network with a name they choose (e.g. a generic name, a geographic name, a community name, a brand, etc.) which they will be able to use later on to operate Frogans sites, a new type of site on the Internet. The priority registration period for entrepreneurs is expected to last 4 months.
Frogans sites are a new space for universal, secure and open publishing. They stimulate ideas for new uses for the publishing of content on the Internet.
Comparable to domain names which give access to Web sites, Frogans sites can only be accessed by means of a Frogans address. These addresses are simple and easy to recognize. They consist of a network name and a site name, always separated by an asterisk ( * ). Indeed, the asterisk character can be considered the visual hallmark of the Frogans technology.
Frogans sites and Frogans addresses have been designed to meet the needs expressed by Internet users for a technology that is easy-to-use, secure and natively multilingual. And so it is that Frogans sites are fast to load with impressive graphics capacities. Regardless of the type of screen connected, Frogans sites display in exactly the same way and offer exactly the same and secure browsing
experience. Finally, Frogans addresses can be written natively in over 170 languages.
The priority registration period for entrepreneurs will be presented in detail during the fourth Frogans Technology Conference, focusing on the ecosystem, taking place in Paris on June 17, 2015 from 4:30 pm (14:30 UTC).
You can participate directly or remotely in this conference, free of charge, by registering at
More information is available at

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