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GenVec Expands IP Portfolio with Issuance of US and European Patents

29-Sep-2015 | Source : GenVec Inc. | Visits : 6268
GAITHERSBURG, Md. - GenVec Inc. announced in a press release that on September 15, 2015, the US Patent and Trademark Office issued patent 9133248, covering methods of propagating proprietary gene delivery adenovectors isolated from new and old world monkeys.

This patent complements European Patent No. 2498791, "Methods of Propagating Monkey Adenoviral Vectors". Patent applications in this family are also pending in Japan, China, India and Canada as well as other inventive claims in divisional applications. GenVec's monkey adenovectors provide additional, complementary features to our already broad platform providing greater flexibility to efficiently address a wide variety of gene delivery applications. In addition, GenVec's entire portfolio of vectors  grow to high yields in our proprietary cell lines and can be readily manufactured under GMP conditions making them strong candidates for therapeutic use.

"Our new monkey adenovectors have demonstrated a variety of exciting and useful performance characteristics. They can deliver genes and other payloads to cells that have traditionally been difficult to transduce providing opportunity in areas such as nucleic acid delivery, genome editing and stem cell therapy," said Douglas E. Brough, GenVec's chief scientific officer.  "Both our gorilla and monkey adenovectors are based on adenoviruses that the vast majority of human beings have had little to no contact with, thus minimizing issues with pre-existing immunities.  We view our new monkey adenovectors as a valuable asset, expanding the array of treatment and disease-fighting strategies to which we can significantly contribute." 

GenVec is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company with an entrepreneurial focus on leveraging its proprietary adenovector gene delivery platform to develop a pipeline of cutting-edge therapeutics and vaccines. 

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