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VolitionRx Granted Its Third US Patent

04-Jan-2016 | Source : VolitionRx Limited | Visits : 6505
NAMUR, Belgium - VolitionRx Limited, a life sciences company focused on developing blood tests for a broad range of cancer types and other conditions, today announced in a press release the grant of US Patent Number 9222937 entitled "Method for Detecting Nucleosomes."

The new U.S. patent, issued today and expiring in August 2032, relates to VolitionRx's Nucleosomics® platform for the detection of fragments of chromosomes, called nucleosomes, circulating in the blood. Nucleosomes consist of a strand of DNA wrapped around eight protein molecules, called histones. They are released into the blood following the breakdown of dead cells, including cancer cells. This latest patent for the detection of nucleosomes will support the first two patents granted to VolitionRx in the US, which cover the Company's core technologies: the detection of epigenetic modifications to the histones in nucleosomes that are caused by cancer; and the detection of complexes of nucleosomes that have become bound to cancer-related proteins.

Dr. Jake Micallef, Chief Scientific Officer of VolitionRx, remarked, "VolitionRx's patent portfolio is growing and includes both core patents that cover key cancer-detection technologies as well as supportive patents for techniques used in the wider process. Two of VolitionRx's core technology patents are already issued in the US and this third patent is the Company's first supportive patent. The grant of this third US patent reinforces VolitionRx's exclusive market position with its unique Nucleosomics® technology."

Cameron Reynolds, Chief Executive Officer of VolitionRx, added, "With the grant of a third patent in the US, VolitionRx continues to make progress on our path of commercializing our proprietary Nucleosomics® platform for accurate and affordable detection of early-stage cancer in simple blood tests and helping as many patients as possible. Last year was an important year for the Company, with the release of compelling results of over 90% accuracy in detecting colorectal, pancreatic and lung cancer. We look forward to 2016 as a milestone year for VolitionRx, as we anticipate bringing our first panel of NuQ® cancer tests to market for clinical use in Europe and we continue our focused efforts towards initial market entry in the US and the rest of the world."

VolitionRx is a life sciences company focused on developing blood-based diagnostic tests for different types of cancer. The tests are based on the science of Nucleosomics which is the practice of identifying and measuring nucleosomes in the bloodstream – an indication that cancer is present.

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