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"Blankets Become Jackets" Released at the Arab Thought Forum

17-Mar-2016 | Source : AG-IP News | Visits : 10356
"Blankets Become Jackets" Released at the Arab Thought Forum
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AMMAN – March17, 2016 – Under the patronage of HRH Prince El Hassan bin Talal and in the presence of HRH Princess Wijdan Al Hashimi, ambassadors, members of the Arab and foreign diplomatic bodies, officials and other interested people, "Blankets Become Jackets", a book narrating selected stories of HE Dr. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh’s life that was blessed by suffering was released in English in a special ceremony at the Arab Thought Forum (ATF).
The book that is authored by Dr. Abu-Ghazaleh tells some selected stories of Dr. Abu-Ghazaleh which was full of challenges and achievements since the 1948 Palestinian exodus, struggling in life and meeting the aspirations through scientific excellence and continuous work.

During the ceremony, the Forum's Secretary General Dr. Mohammad Abu Hammour, ceremony patron on behalf of HRH Prince El Hassan, said: "The book summarizes the life of HE Dr. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh and even though some people would find the book title seems odd, it narrates and shows the essence of the obstacles and challenges that encountered him.  

Dr. Abu Hammour added "The early beginnings of Dr. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh could make him a creative author when he wrote "The Dreaded Echo" story during his university study (1957-1958). Thereafter, the story won the award of Supreme Council of the Arts, literature and science in Egypt, but he also had creativity in business and world economy".

In his address, HE Senator Hassan Abu Nimah highlighted some features and aspects of Dr. Abu-Ghazaleh’s personality, bibliography and vision relating to Arab issues and mechanism for development and prosperity of the nation, indicating that Dr. Abu-Ghazaleh did not give up his Arab identity as he always introduces himself as an Arab personality. In addition, while he is proud of his Palestinian roots and Jordanian identity, he is also proud of his Arab identity. He believes that belonging to the Arab nation does not contradict with belonging to our countries and seeking to its progress and dignity.  

Abu Nimah added that Dr. Abu-Ghazaleh loves Jordan and he is loyal to his Hashemite leadership and translates that by implementing a comprehensive program of community services in a form Jordan-wide knowledge centers, especially in southern governorates, communicating with local leaders, recognizing areas for services expansion, creating job opportunities and establishing productive projects.   

Abu Nimah said that the suffering of Dr. Abu-Ghazaleh shaped his thoughts, encouraged him and provided him with the required strength to face life challenges and continuous crises. He also has determination for achieving his goals under any condition. 

Dr. Abu-Ghazaleh said that the book includes events of his experience, starting from migration from Jaffa due to Zionist evasion across the storming sea towards Lebanon, struggling to study, daily walking journey, and determination on excellence in order to obtain scholarship when all other ways were closed.

Thereafter, he shed light on the beginnings of establishing his group which started its works as auditing company in 1972 and next stages when it entered the world of intellectual property as the first of its kinds company in the world, indicating that development and making wealth can be materialized only through knowledge and information technology on which the future is based on. 

Dr. Abu-Ghazaleh considered that the current crisis encountered by the nation will end sooner or later, adding that those crises will lead to renaissance, explaining that all world countries, such as: Germany, the United States and others encountered what Arab countries are currently encounter.

He stated that he is indebted to the Jordanian society and he will provide all possible services to that society. Since the establishment of TAG-Org, it divided its profits on a 50/50 basis; the first half will be used to develop the group and marketing its services as widely as possible and the other will be provided to serve the local society without holding funds or distributing profits as the best guarantee for sustainability is achieved by developing the group as well being accepted by the society.

In response to one of the questions raised by attendants regarding his dream in future, he stated that he wishes the government takes a decision to adopt Information Technology-based education starting from the first grade, accordingly, information technology will become a tool used in education, not a topic taught to students, as technology and knowledge are the only ways for nation's prosperity.         

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