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Intellicheck Mobilisa Issued US Patent for Fingerprint Biometric Identity Authentication Process

14-Jun-2016 | Source : AG-IP News | Visits : 5456
JERICHO, NEW YORK - Intellicheck Mobilisa Inc., a leader in threat identification, identity authentication, verification and validation technology solutions, announced in a press release that it has been awarded a US Patent that governs the two-factor fingerprint biometric identity process that authenticates an identity card with embedded fingerprint biometric information and the live biometric information of a person presenting the card.   
Dr. William Roof, Intellicheck CEO, remarked, "This patent allows us to make important strides in the fast growing $25 billion fingerprint biometric marketplace. Aside from its clear applicability for use with a number of Federal Government identity credentials, this patented technology has the potential to be incorporated into our existing product line including Defense ID™ and Law ID™. Growth of fingerprint biometrics is being fueled by government and commercial market security needs as well as being driven by the everincreasing dynamics of domestic and international threats. Fingerprint biometric identity authentication has widespread applications that run the gamut from defense, homeland security and police utilizations to electronic banking and payments and a variety of commercial product and retail usages. The ability of this technology to identify people successfully in an infinite, repeatable, precise manner helps solve critical identification challenges across these markets."  
The patent has sweeping implications because it covers the process at the heart of the leading biometric fingerprint technology that assures compliance with The Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS-201). The Federal Information Processing Standard 201 is the underlying standard for the Transportation Worker Identification Credential (TWIC), the Personal Identity Verification (PIV) Credential, the Common Access Card (CAC) and other US Government identification methods. This standard is often reflected in the products used in the private sector as well.   
Compliance with this standard requires the ability to verify that the person presenting the identity card is the card’s owner. Fingerprint biometrics accomplishes this by matching the rightful card owner's fingerprints, encrypted and stored on the card’s smart chip, with the actual fingerprints of the person presenting the card. Once the presenter is verified as the owner of the card, a query is sent to a data source ensuring that the card is not suspended, stolen, lost, or otherwise inactive and may indicate whether the presenter has the required permissions to enter a specific facility. The instant, real time comparison and authentication of the live and embedded fingerprint enhances situational awareness and safety while mitigating threats to the facility and its personnel. This key technology also means fakes and forgeries can't escape comparing and matching embedded and live fingerprint data.   
Dr. Roof said the Company's previously announced purchase of an intellectual property portfolio was driven by what he envisioned for Intellicheck’s product and market future. "We recognized the enormous implications of the patent pending in the portfolio governing the process of fingerprint biometric identification when we made the purchase decision. It was a strategic decision that speaks to our vision and leadership in advancing pioneering identification authentication technology solutions and our commitment to delivering value to our customers and investors. We believe the issuance of this patent firmly positions us in a leading role in the fingerprint biometric identity authentication industry."  
Intellicheck's portfolio of 25 patents includes many pertaining to identification technology. Its identity technology solutions support customers in the national defense, law enforcement, retail, hospitality and financial markets. The Company’s products scan, authenticate and analyze components of identity documents including driver licenses, military identification cards and other government forms of identification containing magnetic stripe, barcode and smart chip information. The information can be used to provide safety, security and efficiencies across markets. Unlike competitive products, Intellicheck's technology solutions are unique in their ability to provide accurate, real time identification authentication and situational awareness on both mobile and existing fixed infrastructures that is fully regulatory compliant.   

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