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Marathon Patent Group Enters into Patent Purchase Agreement with Siemens

15-Aug-2016 | Source : Marathon Patent Group Inc | Visits : 6605
LOS ANGELES, CA - Marathon Patent Group Inc, an IP licensing and commercialization company, announced today in a press release that its wholly owned subsidiaries have acquired 307 worldwide patents from Siemens AG and certain of its affiliates, a global technology powerhouse and one of the world's preeminent engineering companies.

The first portfolio of 221 patents relate to W-CDMA and GSM cellular technology and cover all the major global economies including China, France, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States. Significantly, many of the patent families have been declared to be Standard Essential Patents ("SEPs") with the European Telecommunications Standard Institute ("ETSI") and/or the Association of Radio Industries and Businesses ("ARIB") related to Long Term Evolution ("LTE"), Universal Mobile Telecommunications System ("UMTS"), and/or General Packet Radio Service ("GPRS"). 

The second portfolio of 86 patents relates to Internet-of-Things (IOT) technology. Generally, the portfolio's subject matter is directed toward self-healing control networks for building automation systems. The patents are relevant to wireless mesh networks for use in IOT, and enable simple commissioning, application level security, simplified bridging, and end-to-end IP security. The technology can support a wide variety of IOT enabled devices including lighting, sensors, appliances, security, and more.

Doug Croxall, Marathon's Chief Executive Officer, stated, "These transactions with Siemens not only materially increases our asset count to now 631 U.S. and foreign patents, with 79 patent applications, but importantly, it will expand Marathon's patent licensing activity into Asia, while remaining active in both the United States as well as countries in Europe. Many of the newly acquired assets have been declared as SEPs and we intend to assert our patent rights, wherever infringed. In addition, the transaction further diversifies Marathon's portfolio coverage into a vibrant and growing technology sector -- IOT."

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