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Royal Court Chief Lectures on “Jordan in its Arab and Regional Neighborhood”

15-Nov-2016 | Source : AG-IP News | Visits : 5253
Royal Court Chief Lectures on “Jordan in its Arab and Regional Neighborhood”
(Petra) – Royal Court Chief Dr. Fayez Al Tarawneh stated that Jordan managed thanks to its wise leadership and the awareness of its citizens, to safeguard its security and stability, in spite of its position in a burning geographical location, which made it a role model at the region and world level.

In a lecture entitled “Jordan in its Arab and Regional Surroundings”, organized by Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Knowledge Forum last Thursday, Al Tarawneh said that Jordan is strong and firmly united within its social texture that is founded on tolerance, and mutual respect.

He affirmed that Jordan, under the leadership of His Majesty King Abdullah II and the determination of its Jordan Armed Forces – the Arab Army and the security apparatus are able to defend and protect its borders without interfering in the internal affairs and sovereignty of other countries.

Al Tarawneh reviewed challenges Jordan passed through since its establishment in 1921 and its ability to deal with the region’s crises that incited its determination to go forward with its process of construction, progress and reform and its ongoing pursuit to achieve peace, enhance security and stability for the region and its peoples.
He pointed out that the King’s Sixth Discussion Paper entitled “Rule of Law and Civil State” is an unprecedented step for a head of a state to lay out perspective papers for discussion that encompass ideas for all, and aim at introducing more comprehensive reform procedures based on the rule of law within the frame of the civil state. 
In this regard, he stressed that educational organizations, associations, and civil society institutions should bear the responsibility of organizing discussion sessions to address the angles of this paper to encourage dialogue and contribute in drawing mechanisms for implementation. 

On the implications and repercussions of the so-called and “Arab Spring” on the region, Al Tarawneh said that it’s inappropriately named and it’s evident by the outcomes of destruction and civil wars that affected the countries in the region and which “we don’t know when will stop”. 

He noted that Jordan, under the leadership of His Majesty, is standing by its Arab brothers for a way out of these crises, and HM constantly calls for political solutions that put an end to the suffering of the peoples in these countries and guarantee security and stability.

And about the dangers of terrorism on the region and globally, he affirmed that Jordan works with regional and international effective parties to encounter this danger and its extreme bunches of criminals that came to a point where they threaten global security and stability. 

On the Kingdom’s efforts in defending Islam, Al Tarawneh noted that His Majesty King Abdullah is doing his utmost to defend the bright image of Islam that is being continuously tarnished by the extreme radicals as well as his defense of the Islamic and Christian holy sites in Jerusalem. 

While concerning efforts to achieve peace, he stated that Jordan under the leadership of His Majesty is doing its utmost to revive the peace process between Palestinians and Israelis to establish an independent Palestinian state according to the two countries resolution and the Arab Peace Initiative and the international legitimacy resolutions. 

Dr. Al Tarawneh also tackled the economic challenges that encounter Jordan due to the implications of the crises witnessed in the Middle East region in addition to the further growing burdens as a result of the Syrian displacement crisis. 

During the lecture, Al Tarawneh answered questions and inquiries raised by political, economic and social personalities and the audience that mainly cored on economic challenges including energy problem, indebtedness, poverty and unemployment. 

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