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iSelect Launches Top Level Domain Name

08-Feb-2017 | Source : iSelect | Visits : 5051
CHELTENHAM, Victoria - Leading online player iSelect has revealed its new brand Top-Level Domain (TLD) .iselect as it moves towards becoming Australia’s first and only ‘Life Admin™ Store’. 

Launching a brand TLD allows iSelect to create web addresses ending in .iselect, such as and 

The decision to establish a TLD puts iSelect alongside other brand TLD owners including the AFL, Monash University and Channel 7 as one of Australia’s leading digital brands. Other international brands to embrace TLDs include BMW, Nike, Barclays and Google. 

Approximately 60 .iselect names have been created initially such as and 
iSelect Managing Director & CEO Scott Wilson said the decision to move to simplified TLDs was driven by the desire to make life easier for customers. 

“Our business continues to evolve along with our expanding product suite as we move towards becoming Australia’s ‘Life Admin™ Store’. But to truly help Australians take care of their boring but important life admin™ tasks we need to make it as easy as possible,” Wilson said. 

“For example, our current health web address ( is 36 characters long but our new health TLD ( halves that to just 18 characters.” 

Wilson said the new TLDs would simplify the navigation process, making it more intuitive and direct, and connecting customers to what they are after faster than ever before. “Well over half our customers begin their search for us via their mobile phone which makes a short navigation even more important,” he explained. “We want customers to be able to just ‘iSelect it’. Our .brand TLD means customers need only think of the product they are after and then simply put that product in front of .iselect.” 

Wilson said another key benefit of brand TLDs such as .iselect was their global nature, meaning country-specific domains are no longer needed. 

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