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Spectro Scientific Wins Patent

20-Apr-2017 | Source : Spectro Scientific | Visits : 5477
CHELMSFORD, MA - Spectro Scientific, one of the world’s largest suppliers of oil, fuel, and processed water analysis instrumentation and software, has been awarded US patent 9,274,041, “Particle counter and classification system”, to extend the LaserNet Fines® particle analysis technology with new capabilities to size and count ferrous particles and measure total ferrous content by weight. A press release by the company stated that this technology is used in Spectro Scientific’s LaserNet 230 particle analyzer, formerly named the LaserNet Fines (LNF) Q230.

The patented technology enables the LaserNet 230 instrument to accurately size and count ferrous particles as small as 25 microns in size and measure total ferrous content below 10 ppm. These advancements distinguish LaserNet 230 as the only device on the market that performs these two measurements in one test with the highest sensitivity level. The core of the technology is two sets of magnetic coils wound with high precision to achieve the desired sensitivity level. A set of proprietary ferrous particle standards is supplied with the instrument for performance verification. According to the company, the new capability makes LaserNet 230 the most comprehensive analyzer for wear particle testing in lubricants used in rotating machines within industrial and power generation plants, such as gearboxes and turbines.

The LaserNet 200 Series uses LaserNet Fines particle analysis technology, jointly developed by the Naval Research Lab and Lockheed Martin Corporation and exclusively licensed to Spectro Scientific. The technology employs an Infrared laser, a patented flow cell, and a high-speed CCD camera to capture particle images. The software uses a neural network algorithm to automatically classify particles into cutting wear, fatigue wear, sliding wear, non-metallic particles, water droplets and other types. It can measure oil samples with up to 10 million particles per milliliter without dilution.

Dr. Patrick Henning, Spectro Scientific’s Chief Technology Officer said, “This patent significantly enhances LaserNet Fines technology, allowing more comprehensive particle analysis for condition based maintenance and further establishes Spectro Scientific’s leadership in oil analysis.”

The LaserNet 200 Series includes three models. The LaserNet 210 is a high precision particle counter for lubricants and fuels; the LaserNet 220 includes particle image classification and the LaserNet 230 includes ferrous particle analysis capability. For more information, please visit the LaserNet 200 Series Page.

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