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Abu-Ghazaleh Presides over the Annual Meeting of the Licensing Executives Society - Arab States

06-Dec-2017 | Source : AG-IP News | Visits : 4635
Abu-Ghazaleh Presides over the Annual Meeting of the Licensing Executives Society - Arab States
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AMMAN - The General Assembly and the Board of Directors of the 'Licensing Experts Association - Arab States' held their annual meeting in Amman under the chairmanship of HE Dr. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh, Chairman of the Board, and in the presence of a number of members of the Board of Directors and the General Assembly. 

Dr. Abu-Ghazaleh stressed the importance of establishing an Arab federation for innovation and pioneering investment for the exchange of knowledge and experience, to work as a network connecting all interested persons and competent specialists and to raise awareness and influence decision makers.

He also emphasized the need for raising awareness and introducing licensing and franchising in Arab countries, as well as the establishment of a large market for franchising, which would provide many advantages and benefits for investors and trademark owners. 

He requested a plan for raising awareness about the importance and benefits of "franchises" in various Arab countries, including holding a conference on this feature and the release of Arab industries abroad in the near future. The primary goal of the conference would be to raise awareness and provide support to the economic society. 

During the meeting, the agenda and minutes of the previous meeting were adopted. Additionally  the financial statements were read and Dr. Abu-Ghazaleh donated fifty thousand Jordanian dinars to cover the deficit of the Society for the year 2016. 

The Society’s newly launched programs which focus on the management of franchise companies in Arab countries to be implemented over the next year, were presented. In addition, the new board of directors was elected including Mr. Faisal Al-Madalj who was listed as a new member of the Board of Directors.

Ms. Majd Khaddash, Director of the Society, reviewed the Society's activities including several events,  conferences and training courses one of which was a legal writing skills course and the qualification of a group of trainers. The Society also publishes monthly press releases, including news about the Society and licensing sectors around the world. The press releases are shared amongst all those interested in intellectual property licensing and are sent electronically to members. 

She added that the Society has signed many cooperation agreements with a vision for creating cooperative relations with the specialized authorities, pointing out that the  Association’s membership has reached 63 members following the admission of new members and the cancellation of some memberships due to failure at abiding by the policies and regulations of the Society. 

The Society was established in 1997 as an Arab professional body concerned with licensing issues and transferral of technology, with that aim of providing technical assistance to specialists and stakeholders in Arab countries, seeking to invest in human capabilities to create a group of qualified Arab experts in the field of licensing and technology transferring, Economic development of the Arab world through the promotion, facilitation and enforcement of intellectual property licenses and investment in research and development.

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