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Abu-Ghazaleh Inaugurates 8th Annual Bosphorus Summit in Istanbul

13-Dec-2017 | Source : AG-IP News | Visits : 8910
Abu-Ghazaleh Inaugurates 8th Annual Bosphorus Summit in Istanbul
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ISTANBUL - In his capacity as Honorary President of the Bosphorus Summit’s Board of Trustees, HE Dr. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh opened the eighth annual Bosphorus Summit with a significant inaugural address in the presence of a host of  business leaders, investors and other dignitaries interested in economic development as well as state  representatives from 72 countries worldwide.  

A high-level Jordanian delegation, took part in the Summit, headed by Speaker of the Upper House, the Senate,  HE Mr. Faisal Al Fayez who discussed in his key remarks the humanitarian aspects of the refugee issue.

 In his speech entitled “The World We Want” Dr. Abu-Ghazaleh explained that the model of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan is exemplary thanks to the wisdom and leadership of His Majesty King Abdullah II ibn Al Hussein in terms of  rule of law, democracy, respect for human rights, tolerance and solidarity for social justice.

At the international level, Dr. Abu-Ghazaleh pointed out that while all world leaders were seeking to achieve a status where security, peace, stability and prosperity prevail in their countries for the sake of their people; none of these aspirations have been achieved. Even worse, the increase in wars, conflicts, disagreements and terrorist attacks has taken the situation beyond a worst-case scenario, leading to genuine concerns about the possibility of a universal war, Dr. Abu-Ghazaleh told the attendees.

On this ground, “the Bosphorus Summit entrusted me to embark upon promoting awareness regarding the potential risks for the prevention of new conflicts and to devote all human and financial capacities for development and resolving conflicts with peaceful methods and to handle social and economic issues at a global scale so that justice and equality prevail in international relations".

Dr. Abu-Ghazaleh noted that these principles have been formulated in a paper entitled “Future World We Want” incorporating five topics:

1. Religious Values
2. Arms trade
3. Education
4. Internet Governance
5. Non- Discrimination
Dr. Abu-Ghazaleh referred to a recent meeting with Pope Francis upon a direct invitation from his Holiness, to discuss these issues being of major concern for all  people of the world. 

During his stay at the Vatican, Dr. Abu-Ghazaleh discussed with Monsignor Khaled Akasheh, head of the Pontifical Council for Inter-religious Dialogue (PCID),  a mechanism to set up an international Code of Conduct for a better future to be drafted through comprehensive consultations with a unanimous conclusion of its output.

Dr. Abu-Ghazaleh said that he established a special committee at Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Knowledge Forum to draft a 'Moral Chart for a Better World' that aims to create the required change for spreading love and peace instead of hatred and conflict. 

Dr. Abu-Ghazaleh concluded by emphasising that after being selected by the League of Arab States to be Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Arab States Broadcasting Union, he would use this platform to promote the culture of love instead of hate.

Dr. Abu-Ghazaleh’s speech was broadly welcomed and His Excellency was invited  by various TV stations and media outlets to further shed light on the ideas and principles detailed in his speech. 

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