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Lightbridge Receives US Approval for Key Patent for its Innovative Fuel Design

23-Jan-2018 | Source : Lightbridge Corporation | Visits : 12939
RESTON, Va. - Lightbridge Corporation, a nuclear fuel technology company, announced in a press release that it has received a notice of allowance for a key patent from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office related to its metallic nuclear fuel assembly design. Lightbridge's advanced fuel technology is designed to significantly improve the economics, performance and safety of nuclear power plants.

This latest patent allowance extends Lightbridge's patent portfolio coverage in the United States to an entire metallic fuel assembly design for Western-type pressurized water reactors, which comprise two-thirds of those in operation worldwide. However, Lightbridge's metallic fuel designs can also be adapted for use in nearly all other power reactors around the world.

Lightbridge President and CEO Seth Grae said: "This latest notice for a US patent further expands the broad global patent protection already surrounding our fuel.  This particular patent focuses on the fuel assembly design, building on an earlier US patent involving metallic fuel rod design and other US patents for a different variant of the seed-and-blanket fuel assembly design.  The intellectual property in our proprietary fuel designs reflects years of research and tireless effort by our team, including many of the leading experts within the nuclear energy field."

Over the past year, Lightbridge has secured patents in China, South Korea and the European Union related to its innovative advanced fuel design. The company is in the process of finalizing a joint venture with Framatome, a leader in nuclear fuel, components and reactor services, to further develop and commercialize metallic fuel for nuclear plants around the world.

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