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Abu-Ghazaleh delivers concluding remarks at MIT's SciTech conference, meets Arab students at institute

13-May-2018 | Source : AG-IP News | Visits : 4258
Abu-Ghazaleh delivers concluding remarks at MIT's SciTech conference, meets Arab students at institute
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BOSTON - His Excellency Dr. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh delivered the concluding remarks at the 2018 Scitech Conference at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston, USA, organized recently by the Arab Students Organization at the university.

Abu-Ghazaleh’s remarks focused on his future vision of humanity as being dependent on its progress in the field of artificial intelligence (AI), drawing an analogy between AI and the nervous system in the human body.

He emphasized the need for Arabs to invest, in terms of knowledge and technology, in the artificial intelligence sector, which he described as "the main feature of the current century." He pointed out the great responsibility of educational institutions, foremost among which is MIT, in ensuring that AI will be put at the service of humanity to ease human life, not the opposite.

Moreover, he said that the relationship between man and machine will evolve further in future, when machines will be able to exhibit a greater understanding of human needs due to an advanced level of AI, rendering them capable of performing various tasks with minimal need for human guidance.

He pointed out that he is now working on a book about artificial intelligence containing analysis and providing an insight into its future and how it can be utilized to support knowledge and strengthen its tools worldwide.
In his speech, Abu-Ghazaleh expressed his willingness to support Arab talents in the field of AI in a way that serves science, education, creativity and innovation. He urged Arab students at MIT to support this trend by transferring knowledge to their countries and compatriots.

He pointed out the need to transform civil societies into creative societies that support and encourage innovation as the most effective way to build and maximize wealth, stressing that the richest firms in the world are knowledge-based rather than oil companies, banks or any other economic sector companies.

"All you imagine is achievable with knowledge and will," said Abu-Ghazaleh, urging Arab students at MIT to play a role parallel to their success in joining the best university in the world, by unleashing their potentials as creative and innovative young men and women.

Abu-Ghazaleh Group, which has a global presence through its 100 plus offices and branches across the world, participated in the Scitech with its conference pavilion showcasing a number of its advanced educational programs and professional services. The pavilion received great interest by specialists in the fields of science and technology.
During a dinner held in honor of the participants, Dr. Abu-Ghazaleh was presented with a plaque from the Arab Students Organization at MIT, in recognition of his efforts in the world of technology and invention, and his continuous support in the fields of knowledge and education.

On the sidelines of the conference, Abu-Ghazaleh discussed the idea of establishing innovation incubators and advanced study programs in the Arab world, and pledged, in this regard, to dedicate TAG-Org headquarters in Arab countries as venues for such projects.

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