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Network-1 Receives Three New Patents from US Patent Office

20-Jun-2018 | Source : Network-1 Technologies Inc. | Visits : 4116
NEW YORK - Network-1 Technologies Inc. announced that the US Patent and Trademark Office issued US Patent No. 9,998,280 (“Secure PKI Communications for “Machine-To-Machine” Modules, Including Key Derivation By Modules and Authenticating Public Keys”), US Patent No. 9,998,281 (“Set of Servers for “Machine-To-Machine” Communication Using Public key Infrastructure”) and US Patent No. 10,003,461 (“Power Management and Security for Wireless Modules in “Machine-to-Machine” Communications) to Network-1. 

The claims in the newly issued patents are generally directed towards methods of communication between Machine to Machine modules and servers.

The newly issued patents arise from a patent application contained in the M2M/IoT patent portfolio acquired by Network-1 in December 2017 (the “Portfolio”). The Portfolio relates to, among other things, the enabling technology for authenticating and using embedded SIM cards in next generation IoT, Machine-to-Machine, and other mobile devices, including smartphones, tablets and computers as well as automobiles and drones. With these latest issuances, the Nix Portfolio now includes sixteen (16) issued US patents and six (6) pending US patent applications, plus seven (7) additional pending non-US patent applications. Network-1 anticipates further issuances of additional claims for this Portfolio.

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