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ICANN Releases its Second Report on Global Legislative and Regulatory Developments

30-Aug-2018 | Source : ICANN | Visits : 4981

ISTANBUL – The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) published the second report highlighting a limited list of recent and pending legislative and regulatory initiatives on privacy/data protection and cybersecurity across the world. According to the Corporation, the report is a continuation of the initiative, to identify legislative efforts across the globe early-on to raise awareness within ICANN and consider potential impacts, including how these legislative initiatives may have unintended consequences, which may be avoided.

As a result of the community discussions over the past year or so leading up to the GDPR going into full effect, ICANN CEO and President Göran Marby committed to identify key legislative efforts around the globe while in their earlier stages. To this end, ICANN org initiated reporting efforts on global legislative and regulatory developments during the third quarter of FY18. The first report  was a limited list of some recent legislative and regulatory initiatives around the world that relate to privacy/data protection and cybersecurity issues and that could impact ICANN's mission, operations or issues within ICANN's remit. It was the first product of a realization that ICANN, as both an org and a community, must pay closer attention to potential legislative efforts of interest across the world.

The initial report received wide attention with a viewership of over six hundred unique visits. The community feedback on the report was positive, which paved the way for the continuation of the report on a quarterly basis. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has reviewed and provided feedback on the first report.


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