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Meridian Institute to Conduct Independent Review of the ccNSO

02-Sep-2018 | Source : ICANN | Visits : 4316

LOS ANGELES – The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) announced in a press release that it has appointed Meridian Institute to conduct the second independent review of the Country Code Names Supporting Organization (ccNSO). This review is mandated by ICANN's Bylaws and is part of its ongoing commitment to accountability and transparency. Meridian Institute will begin work on the review immediately, and is expected to submit its final report in July 2019.

Selection of the Independent Examiner

The selection of an independent examiner followed ICANN's rigorous procurement process. The process was led by the ICANN organization and validated by the Board's Organizational Effectiveness Committee (OEC). The OEC is responsible for overseeing ICANN's Organizational Reviews process.

The selection criteria for the independent examiner was developed in collaboration with the ccNSO Review Working Party. The criteria included: understanding of the assignment, comprehension of the ccNSO's role within the ICANN structure, and the independence of the proposed team.

ccNSO Review Activity at ICANN63

As part of their data collection, the Meridian Institute team leads will be conducting in-person interviews at ICANN63 in Barcelona, Spain, with current and past members of the ccNSO, informed community members, and members of the ICANN organization and Board.

Members of the Meridian Institute team will also provide an update to the community on the progress of the review during a public session at ICANN63.

About Meridian Institute

Meridian Institute is a trusted third-party not-for-profit organization that has specialized in multi-stakeholder processes for more than 20 years. To ensure the integrity of both processes and results, Meridian Institute involves representatives from diverse sectors, communities, and stakeholder groups in its work. Team members bring objectivity as independent process experts, strategic advisors, and as a trusted third party.

Past projects have resulted in:

·         Private sector and civil society partnerships;

·         Multi-stakeholder consensus policy recommendations and implementation plans; and

·         Incorporation of diverse stakeholder input in regulatory agencies and institutions.

The Meridian Institute team is led by Kristy Buckley, and includes Mallorie Bruns, Annie Shapiro, and Sara Suriani.

About the ccNSO

According to the ICANN Bylaws, the ccNSO is responsible for:

·         Developing and recommending to the Board global policies relating to country-code top-level domains (ccTLDs);

·         Nurturing consensus across the ccNSO's community, including the name-related activities of ccTLDs;

·         Coordinating with other ICANN Supporting Organizations, committees, and constituencies;

·         Nominating individuals to fill Seats 11 and 12 on the Board; and

·         Other responsibilities of the ccNSO as set forth in the ICANN Bylaws.


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