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EPO Strategic Plan (2019 – 2023)

18-Feb-2019 | Source : IP Federation | Visits : 3243
LONDON - The IP Federation announced in a press release that it received the invitation from the President of the European Patent Office to contribute views on the Strategic Plan being developed for the period 2019-23. We welcome his wide consultation at this early stage of the strategy process and hope this open and outwardly-facing approach will be a hallmark of the working of the Office during his presidency according to the official website of IP Federation.

At a general level, we support the President’s commitment to developing a Strategic Plan which has clear deliverables and timescales. The seven areas identified by the President are well chosen, and we have commented on each in turn.

There are a few other areas which we believe the Office’s Strategic Plan should address, which we have discussed in the last page of our comments.

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