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US-Based TruNews TV: The Truth Abu-Ghazaleh’s Predictions on 2020 Economic Crisis Started to Emerge

19-Sep-2019 | Source : AG-IP News | Visits : 4285
US-Based TruNews TV: The Truth Abu-Ghazaleh’s Predictions on 2020 Economic Crisis Started to Emerge
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AMMAN - US-based TruNews TV aired a report featuring HE Dr. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh’s life story, highlighting his professional career, business acumen and accomplishments. The report also referred to the predications he published last year that started to take shape now and come into existence in Europe.   

In his TV presentation, entitled ‘Danger Zone: Cycles Point to Extreme Global Instability in 2020s’ Founder and Host of TruNews Mr. Rick Wiles and his guest Mr. Doc Burkhart gave a brief biography about Dr. Abu-Ghazaleh and referred to the dozens of UN and international memberships and posts he handled, saying that “he [Dr. Abu-Ghazaleh] is one of the most qualified experts in understanding business and economic cycles and I [Wiles] can say that if he is testifying in a court of law then he would be a qualified expert in these matters, and his opinion would carry a lot of weight.”

In addition, Wiles referred to Dr. Abu-Ghazaleh’s article published in The Jordan Times on December 26, 2018 entitled “Prepare before time runs out for the 2020 global economic crisis”, reading out a paragraph which says: “I have been sounding the alarm of a major economic crisis that may hit globally by the year 2020. Contrary to some expert analyses, I have good reason to believe that the new crisis is going to be much more devastating than the 2008 one, which was described by Ben Bernanke, the chair of the Federal Reserve (Fed) at the time, as ‘the worst financial crisis in global history’. Most likely, and like the previous one, this crisis will start in the United States.”
Wiles went on to say: “when one of the most well-known, respected and powerful businessmen in the Arab world who is an accountant and owns an accounting company with 100 offices around the world, is telling the Arab business community and leaders that a mega financial crisis is going to start in 2020 and it will start in America, while people would say that there is economic growth and expansion in the US, so how could there be a global financial crisis. Abu Ghazaleh answer to that Wiles says, “This is just as what happened in 2008 when the market was pumped up with cash liquidity and there were promises that could not be realized.” 

Wiles continues to refer to the article stating that Abu-Ghazaleh goes on to say the US witnesses a 2.5% growth so this is an indication that there should be no crisis! However, Abu-Ghazaleh continues saying that this growth is due to the increase in consumers demand because of liquidity the US government pumped up in the market and this is not representative of a real recovery!

Referring to the upcoming US elections, Wiles said, “I am not sure if the reelection of Mr. Donald Trump is certain but if the economy collapses in 2020 you will see the most massive voting for Communism in the United States. Then, Communists, Socialists and Democrats in the US will sweep slowly into power if the economic crisis occurs before the elections. “This means that the 2024 US elections will be so far to the left that one couldn’t even imagine it now,” Burkhart commented.

According to Abu-Ghazaleh, Wiles said, the new economic crisis would last for years and it will have a major impact on the West causing stagflation and leading to bankruptcies of five European countries, but he affirmed th this does not mean that shops will be closed but governments will not be able to provide services to their citizens!” 

Wiles emphasized that “we have to listen to a man at the level of Dr. Abu-Ghazaleh, the global accountant, when he says that there are five European nations at dire conditions and will face bankruptcy. We started to see government paying to people to take mortgages; this is very bad as people do not have confidence in the economy anymore.”
Wiles also referred to Dr. Abu-Ghazaleh’s second article, which was published in The Jordan Times on June 2, 2019 entitled “The 2020 Global Crisis and a Third World War” in which he says: “For some time now, I have been sounding the alarm of an impending major economic crisis that may hit globally by the year 2020”, adding that “Nations around the globe, especially in Europe, have lost confidence in the United States ability to lead in issues of international finance, trade, diplomacy and war.” Wiles concluded by urging  careful listening and due attention to what Abu-Ghazaleh is saying.

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