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Get Early Access to INTAconnect Networking Tool for Annual Meeting & Leadership Meeting

13-Sep-2020 | Source : INTA | Visits : 1767
NEW YORK - INTAconnect is the powerful and easy-to-use technology behind the Appointment System and Business Hubs at this year’s Meeting—making connecting in the virtual world a whole new experience.

Those who register for the Meeting by September 15 will gain early access to INTAconnect, enabling them to start building their one-on-one and group meetings as early as September 21. INTAconnect will open to all registrants on November 9.

The platform allows registrants to connect directly with specific registrants utilizing user-friendly search tools. In addition, it uses artificial intelligence (AI) to match registrants with recommended connections based on specific criteria.

Appointment System

The Appointment System is the ultimate tool to re-connect or establish new business relationships with other registrants. Registrants will be able to meet each other based on interests, location, or event goals. Or they can connect with friends and business associates who are also attending.

It includes the ability to select times, send meeting requests, chat or videoconference, and track appointments. All registrants who opt in will be in the system.

The platform facilitates high-quality, personal video meetings at a specific date and time, as well as instant video meetings for real-time, in-the-moment networking. And the more a registrant networks, the more targeted connections the system will find for them!

Business Hubs

INTAconnect also encompasses Business Hubs, another networking opportunity that INTA is offering to law firms that are Associate Members. Organizations can invest in a branded Business Hub experience, which will help match them with registrants, maximize the organization’s visibility across the networking experience, and increase their networking success.

Law firms with a Business Hub will have a page that describes their services and lists all members from their firm registered for the Meeting. Firm representatives will be able to schedule meetings between 2 and 50 registrants in this space and can control their own schedule by time zone and duration. Not only will this help with organizing appointments, but it will also provide increased exposure in INTAconnect. The cost of a Business Hub is US $1,000.

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