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Bulgaria First IP 0ffice to Fully Implement New IP Decision-drafting Tool

28-Sep-2022 | Source : European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) | Visits : 1580
ALICANTE - The Bulgarian Patent Office implemented the Decision Desktop on September 21, 2022 becoming the first intellectual property office to fully implement the new tool integrated in their internal Back Office system, according to the official website of the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO).

Decision Desktop aims to make the decision drafting process easier for examiners at intellectual property offices in Europe and beyond. It does this by increasing predictability and consistency of the decisions through the use of a drafting editor. This editor creates documents interactively, by selecting standard paragraphs applicable to a particular case.

Following the successful implementation of this tool by Bulgaria (and the partial Go-live in the Lithuanian pilot office), the EUIPO is inviting other offices to participate in this initiative. Now more EU offices can look forward to a reduced drafting time, which will contribute to more informed, effective and consistent decisions.

In this way, the EUIPO is supporting decision takers at Member State intellectual property offices in drafting quality decisions and letters.

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