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Dr. Abu-Ghazaleh Chairs AIMICT’s Annual General Assembly Meeting

07-May-2023 | Source : AG-IP-News Agency | Visits : 1874
Dr. Abu-Ghazaleh Chairs AIMICT’s Annual General Assembly Meeting

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AMMAN – The Arab International Society for Management Technology (AIMICT) has held its annual General Assembly meeting under the Chairmanship of his Excellency Dr. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh, chair of AIMICT Board of Directors.

In his keynote address, Dr. Abu-Ghazaleh affirmed the significance of digital transformation and Artificial Intelligence, calling for integrating such programs within the Society’s training plans and continuously updating them to meet the needs of the labor market. 

Dr. Abu-Ghazaleh further affirmed the need to expand the scope of offering AIMICT’s training programs to include all Arab youth, and to benefit from Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Global’s expertise in the domains that intersect with AIMICT’s related fields.

For his part, Mr. Ibrahim Abu Naffa, AIMICT executive director, said that work is underway to translate the instructions of the Chairman of the Board into action plans that primarily concentrate on carrying out AIMICT’s mission. He also reviewed the Society’s past year activities and achievements and provided a general framework for work plans for the coming year.

A host of members of the Board of Directors took part in discussing the importance of giving more attention to empowerment and capacity building training, as well as to the strategies for incorporating automation and digital transformation into training programs that can respond to the demands of various target groups.

The attendees expressed their confidence in the AIMICT, represented by its Chairman and cadres, in carrying  out training initiatives and offering outstanding consulting services across all sectors. They also responded to Dr. Abu-Ghazaleh's suggestion to form a committee to come up with recommendations for improving the Society's work and activities. 

During the meeting, the financial statement and report of the Society for the year ending on December 31, 2022, were discussed and approved. Additionally, the final financial statements and the estimated general budget for 2023 were also reviewed and approved, in addition to the election of Alfaysal Group as the auditor of the Society for the year 2023, and assigning the authorized signatories.

It is worth mentioning that the Arab International Society for Management Technology (AIMICT) was established as a non-profit organization in 1989, in New York, in the United States, and it was officially registered in Amman in 1990. It provides training and consulting services within the concepts of digital transformation and knowledge technology.


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