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Climate catastrophe: Challenge that must be confronted before it is too late - Article by Dr. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh

01-Oct-2023 | Source : AG-IP-News Agency | Visits : 1274
Climate catastrophe: Challenge that must be confronted before it is too late - Article by Dr. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh

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By: Dr. Talal Abu-Ghazaleh

In a world that is full of ongoing challenges and crises, the danger that is threatening humanity in the near future has become clear. It is not an imagination, a dream, nor a black look. It actually relates to the expectations that are based on information and scientific studies. We are at a time when crises are creeping in from all sides, some of them are related to climate, some to geography, and some to politics and economics.

If we look into the future, the coming crisis will not only be restricted to diseases or epidemics, it will be related to the global warming that is threatening the entire planet in a manner that cannot be ignored anymore. I have seen excerpts from classified, scientific research papers that have been leaked, which indicate that humanity is facing an increasing danger of extinction by 2050, if the climate change crisis is not addressed seriously and effectively. The biggest economies of the world, however, seem reluctant to address it, as I have been working on the issue of environment and climate and their protection since 1996. I submitted my report to the UN in 1999 on the parties responsible for climate pollution, in my capacity as the Chairman of the Committee of Experts assigned by the Secretary-General of the United Nations to formulate international accounting standards for environmental accountability.

The dangers surrounding humanity are extraordinary, with record temperatures of the earth and floods  taking place in different countries of the world. If we do not find solutions, develop plans, and commit to their implementation, humanity might find itself on the brink of extinction. Global warming is escalating and temperatures have been steadily rising in an unprecedented manner, causing, without limitation, wildfires, melting ice at the poles, and raised sea levels, seriously threatening the biological diversity and wildlife.

Depending heavily on the sources of fossil fuel has had a significant impact on the environment and it increased the greenhouse gas emissions. This requires a global stance to turn to renewable energy sources and more sustainable technologies. This includes developing green technologies and promoting sustainability in various sectors, such as agriculture and transportation.

It has become clear that we need to take serious action to confront these challenges. We have to strive to achieve a balance between developing the economy and preserving the environment and ensuring the provision of healthcare and disease prevention. We cannot ignore the constant warnings and clear signs of imminent dangers. We need to have international cooperation and common motivation to work towards achieving a better and a more sustainable future for all.

Hence, the role of global leadership and cooperation between governments, international institutions, and civil society comes into play. We must adopt strategies and policies that aim to provide sustainable solutions to these multiple challenges, by supporting research, adopting innovative technologies, and promoting awareness and education.

Finally, facing these challenges requires immediate, collaborative action because the world is interconnected and shares the same space. We need to learn from our experiences and work together to build a more sustainable and safer future for all, including the coming generations.


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