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CNIPA Concludes the Second Batch of Administrative Adjudication Cases of Major Patent Infringement Disputes

10-Oct-2023 | Source : The China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) | Visits : 1308

BEIJING - The China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) announced in a press release that it has recently handed down decisions for a series of patent infringement dispute cases between Huawei and Xiaomi, marking the conclusion of the second batch of CNIPA's administrative adjudication cases of major patent infringement disputes. The parties in question have reached a cross-licensing agreement and withdrew their complaints, settling their disputes by the law.

The CNIPA has always been attaching great importance to IP protection in the information technology industry. Following the Chinese patent law and the Measures for Administrative Adjudication of Major Patent Infringement Disputes, the CNIPA, from this January, opened a case on a series of 10 administrative adjudication cases of major patent infringement disputes between Huawei and Xiaomi, some of which involved standard essential patents (SEPs) of the telecommunications sector.

The CNIPA tried the cases in strict accordance with laws and rules, organized administrative mediation for several times and guided the two parties to conduct rounds of negotiations on licensing of patents including those SEPs. Eventually, a patent cross-licensing agreement was reached on September 14.

The trial of this series of cases has proved the administrative adjudication of patent infringement disputes to be efficient, professional and authoritative in procedures, offering valuable experience to resolve cases of the same kind.


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