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European Universities Adopt EPOs Modular IP Education Framework

17-Oct-2023 | Source : The European Patent Office (EPO) | Visits : 1089

MUNICH - The European Patent Academy, building upon the infrastructure laid by the Pan-European Seal (PES) program, has launched an innovative digital IP education program: the Modular IP Education Framework (MIPEF). To spur innovation, the program aims to foster a deeper understanding of Intellectual Property among thousands of university students across Europe, particularly those pursuing Master’s and PhDs in Science, Engineering, Law, and Business faculties, a press release stated by the European Patent Office (EPO).

The MIPEF has just commenced the first of its first live sessions. This initiative has been embraced by 22 European universities that will integrate the MIPEF into their respective curricula and grant up to 6 ECTS credits for it.

Course creation and structure

The course, titled “Create – Protect – Innovate: Bringing Ideas to Market,” has been meticulously crafted by esteemed IP practitioners and EPO experts, including examiners from diverse technological domains. The course’s modular structure comprises two levels, entry level and advanced, each with three live sessions and five self-paced modules.

A practical approach

The live sessions are enriched with practical examples and case studies, predominantly featuring European Inventors Award finalists and winners. This approach aims to instill a profound understanding of Intellectual Property among students, leveraging real-world scenarios to illustrate key concepts and principles.

Interest in the program is high, with 500 eager students already signed up for the MIPEF's inaugural sessions! Highlighting the rising significance of IP education in fueling innovation, this program encourages both universities and students to dive into the world of Intellectual Property.


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