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CLIP: New Online Platform Supports Creators’ Livelihoods - WIPO

19-Nov-2023 | Source : The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) | Visits : 576
GENEVA - CLIP – Creators Learn Intellectual Property - is an innovative, user-friendly and free to use online learning platform that will be filled with curated content from experienced musicians and mentors that will help creators make better business choices, a press release stated by WIPO.

Creators around the world are producing music, art and other content at record levels, and digital distribution is soaring. But they often lack critical information for managing their intellectual property rights and miss out how to get proper credit and be rewarded for their work, especially when it is consumed online – a situation that CLIP aims to improve.

“Creators draw on their talent and artistic vision to give us music, art, song and dance. Supporting them is critical to the richness of every society and country. We must do what we can to ensure they are recognized and fairly rewarded, so that they can thrive in their work and contributions to society. CLIP will support creators with the knowledge and skills they need to transform their artistic passion into a viable profession,”  WIPO Director General Daren Tang.

By early 2024, CLIP will be accessible in six languages, ensuring creators worldwide can easily engage with it, even while on the go. With just a smartphone at their fingertips, creators will have instant access to all of CLIP's content, including videos featuring established creators sharing their personal experiences.

“I know firsthand how important it is for creators to know and manage their IP rights. Today, it is an essential foundation for a successful career in the music industry. At the core of CLIP is a steadfast commitment to creators. Helping them understand the complexities of the creative industries will enable them to maximize the value of their creations.” Björn Ulvaeus, legendary ABBA star and Co-Founder of the Music Rights Awareness Foundation, based in Stockholm, Sweden.

The first version of CLIP will center on the music industry, empowering users to explore the industry's ecosystem, understand the diverse individuals involved in bringing a song to market, grasp music creator rights and their efficient management, and much more.

“CLIP provides awareness of the various parties involved in the music industry and their functions, as well as creators’ rights and responsibilities. This knowledge is a prerequisite for being recognized and earning fair payment for their work.” Music Rights Awareness Foundation Co-founder and President Niclas Molinder

CLIP was developed by WIPO for Creators, a consortium formed by WIPO and the Music Rights Awareness Foundation with the support of key creative industry stakeholder organizations.

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