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Dr. Craig Wright Issues Settlement Offer to Copa Members and All Parties in Upcoming Intellectual Property Litigation

30-Jan-2024 | Source : Dr. Craig Wright Website | Visits : 1049

BRISBANE - Dr. Craig Wright, an Australian/Antiguan computer scientist, businessman, and inventor, who challenges the world with visionary ideas, and the creator of Bitcoin, issued the following statement:

  I am due to face a group of individuals and corporate entities in London’s High Court, where I intend to uphold my intellectual property rights in Bitcoin as its creator.

However, the focus of my various litigations to date has never been on revealing my pseudonymous identity as Satoshi Nakamoto, but on mandating that Bitcoin remains faithful to its central principles. These are set out in the Bitcoin White Paper, today widely recognized as the authoritative foundation of all forms of Bitcoin: it describes a peer-to-peer electronic cash system, focusing on enabling small casual transactions (known as micro-payments) directly between parties, without the need for a financial intermediary.

My issuance of copyright claims against the ‘Bitcoin developers’ was a measure to protect the continuity of those principles.

To that end, today I have sent to my opponents in the COPA litigation (Claim No. IL-2021-000019), the passing-off claims (Claim No. IL-2022-000035 & Claim No. IL-2022-000036) and database-rights claims, (Claim No. IL-2022-000069) a non-negotiable offer to settle each of these cases, which is reproduced in its entirety below.

This settlement offer preserves my objective of maintaining the integrity of the Bitcoin system as it was initially developed, while limiting (for all parties) the needless expense of a lengthy High Court trial, which would take our collective focus away from supporting, adopting and advancing digital currency technologies – not just my own work, but those of potential good faith competitors (my legal opponents included).

In clear demonstration of the sincerity of my offer, I agree to waive my database rights and copyrights relating to BTC, BCH and ABC databases, and to offer an irrevocable license in perpetuity to my opposing parties who collectively control, operate, and/or own those databases, in pursuit of encouraging the open commercialization of technologies in a competitive and fair market, where intellectual property rights are respected and exploited.  I intend for this offer to enable them to compete fairly, in parallel with BSV.

I believe the settlement terms are broadly uncontroversial, beneficial to the industry as a whole, and intended to draw a fresh start in the history of Bitcoin to guarantee its success in whatever form it takes.

All parties now have 7 days from the date of this offer to agree this settlement, or we shall progress to trial.


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