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IPOPHL Lauds Young Filipino Inventors Designated as WIPO Youth Ambassadors

08-Feb-2024 | Source : The Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL) | Visits : 1288

TAGUIG - The Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL) commended the pool of young Filipinos whom the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) declared as this year’s WIPO Youth Ambassadors, according to the official website of IPOPHL.

Director General Rowel S. Barba said the ambassadorship of Yzhae Marrione Capuno Villaruel of the Manila Science High School and Josefino Nino Ligan, Chesyne Danielle Galura Pepito and David Elijah Corsini Atup, formerly of the Philippine Science High School in Central Visayas, “shows the youth’s ingenuity and dedication to make an impact.”
“They are role models for their generation. They are an inspiration for more inventors, both young and old, to pursue goals that could create positive change,” Barba said. 

All ambassadors have registered patents.

Villaruel, at 15, patented her “Multi-S.A.V.E.R (Multifunctional Safety Aid for the Visually Impaired and Elderly in Roadside) Cane” which took inspiration from her mother’s eyesight and hearing issues. 

What started as a school project turned into a patented award-winning invention with the help of IPOPHL’s Inventor Assistance Program and her school’s IP Club. 

For Ligan, Pepito and Atup, their invention journey started when they were 16. Driven to address plastic pollution, they came up with the “Image processing device for Micro-plastics Assessment and High-quality Evaluation of water” which can count microplastics in water. 

With the Philippine Science High School System dedicated to cultivating an IP-conscious community, the trio was able to get all the support they needed to patent their invention.

Barba said the ambassadorship of the young inventors make a case for the critical role of schools in fostering innovation. 

“Schools can play a huge role not only by educating young Filipinos of the transformative power of IP but also empowering them to fully utilize their IP rights,” Barba said.

He urged the youth to take advantage of the Youth IP Incentive (YIPI) Program which waives certain fees and provides comprehensive IP application assistance to young aspiring inventors, entrepreneurs and artists. 

“Our YIPI Program is committed to ensuring the youth is at the forefront of the growing IP landscape, where they can flourish by producing relevant and practical solutions to the challenges faced by Filipino society,” Barba added.  


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