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A New, Larger List of Goods and Services for Trademarks - IP Australia

27-Mar-2024 | Source : IP Australia | Visits : 660

WODEN ACT - IP Australia has replaced its list of goods and services for trademark applications with the internationally recognized Madrid Goods and Services list, according to the official website of IP Australia. 

The Madrid Goods and Services list is an internationally recognized database of terms used to classify goods and services for trademark applications. Developed and maintained by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) for IP offices to use, it contains a wider range of terms than the Australian picklist and will now be IP Australia sole picklist.

Aligning Australian classification standards with international best practice reflects the IP Australia customer-centric commitment to developing new ways to better support and engage with you.

This change is a win for our trademark customers, offering more choices in goods and services. For Australian exporters, this change will make it easier and quicker to seek protection of trademarks internationally through WIPO’s Madrid System. Terms used in picklisted applications will now align with WIPO’s acceptable terms.

A better online search experience

With many more terms to choose from, IP Australia have improved the search tool in online trademark application systems, including online services and TM Checker. This new, semantic search functionality will help you find terms on the new, larger list and choose the most accurate goods and services for your application.


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