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Convergence Technologies' Vapor Chamber Patents Upheld by the USPTO

08-Aug-2011 | Source : | Visits : 8998
RESTON, Va. - Convergence Technologies (USA) LLC, of Reston Virginia, today announced in a press release a significant milestone in the on-going vapor-chamber patent-infringement litigation against Taiwan Microloops Corporation (a Taiwanese registered company, herein referred to as Microloops), and its customers. Shortly after Convergence filed the patent infringement lawsuit, the defendants filed for an interparte re-examination request with the USPTO challenging the validity of Convergence's patents #7,422,053 and # 7,650,931. Through a sequence of rulings, the USPTO upheld the major independent claims of the patents while dis-allowing only 4 out of 25 claims. 

"We feel vindicated that the US Patent Office has upheld our vapor chamber patents, and we believe this sends a clear message to the industry," said Dr. Steven H. Lee, founder and CEO of Convergence. Dr. Lee further adds that "it was unfortunate that we lost the ruling in Taiwan, and that we have to continue the appeal process in China, but now we look forward to asking the U.S. jury for justice." 

Vapor chamber is a relatively new cooling technology critical to the electronics, and green industries such as LED and solar. Convergence had discovered a unique condensate flow requirement in vapor chambers, and patented a Multiwick structure uniquely characterized by its spatially varying wicking power. It is this Multiwick structure that gives Convergence's vapor chambers its superior cooling capabilities, and patents have been granted in the U.S., Japan, China, Hong Kong, and pending in Europe. Copies of the USPTO rulings can be obtained from the company website. 

Convergence Technologies (USA) LLC was established in the Eastern District of Virginia and owns the USA patent on a proprietary vapor chamber technology, which is commercialized through CT Electronics Limited.

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