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GraphOn Corporation Expands Its Patent Portfolio

03-Jan-2012 | Source : | Visits : 7794
SANTA CRUZ, CA - GraphOn Corporation, a leading worldwide developer of cloud application delivery and Web-enabling solutions, announced today in a press release that it has strengthened and expanded its intellectual property (IP) portfolio with the filing of 26 new US patent applications. 

These new applications are in addition to GraphOn’s existing portfolio of 26 issued US patents and a number of patent applications previously filed. 

In August 2011, GraphOn entered into a strategic alliance with ipCapital Group, Inc. (ipCG), the leading IP strategy firm, to deploy a range of expert invention and IP tactics specifically aimed at accelerating the strategic expansion of the company’s valuable IP portfolio. ipCG and GraphOn implemented several of the ipCG tactics during the balance of 2011, identifying the inventions described in the 26 new US patent applications, plus an inventory of additional inventions that will be prioritized for inclusion in additional patent applications in early 2012. 

“These new applications cover new, unique technology that GraphOn is building,” said John Cronin, a member of the board of directors of GraphOn and Managing Director of ipCapital Group. “The applications align with GraphOn’s new business model to own significant IP rights in Cloud computing both today and in the future. GraphOn is developing important technology that will address the challenges of rendering any user interface, on any device, in any form factor. Our goal is to enable seamless delivery of applications to every modern computing platform, with an emphasis on mobile platforms and devices. We are extremely pleased to be executing as planned on developing a vast patent portfolio where the ubiquitous Cloud is heading.” 

“ipCG will continue to lead the execution of GraphOn’s IP strategy during 2012,” said Bob Dilworth, chairman of the board and CEO of GraphOn. “ipCG will continue to collaborate closely with GraphOn’s executive management, engineers, designers, and patent counsel in an efficient, team-based approach. We expect that continuation of the work with ipCG will result in a significant number of additional patent applications that will contribute to value creation for the company.” 

Founded in 1996, GraphOn Corporation is a publicly traded company headquartered in Santa Cruz, California. The company is an innovator of cost-effective, advanced solutions that help customers access applications from anywhere. 

ipCapital Group has been serving clients that range from early stage to Fortune 500 since 1998. Its interdisciplinary team trained in business, law, marketing, and product development provides a systematic and comprehensive view of the full lifecycle of IP, from creation to value extraction.

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