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Triumfant Awarded Patent for Innovative Remediation Approach

20-Mar-2012 | Source : | Visits : 7675
ROCKVILLE, MD - Triumfant® today announced in a press release that the United States Patent Office has granted a patent on Triumfant’s innovative Donor Technology. Patent Number 8,104,087, “Systems and methods for automated data anomaly correction in a computer network”, was granted on January 24, 2012, and raises the number of US patents granted to Triumfant’s malware detection and remediation solution to four.

Donor Technology is a key element to Triumfant’s ability to build a situational and contextual remediation for detected attacks. The process begins with the subject of Triumfant’s first three patents, the analytics that enable Triumfant to detect attacks that evade network and endpoint protections such as zero day attacks, targeted attacks, and the Advanced Persistent Threat (APT). The analytics systematically identify and correlate all of the changes associated with the attack, providing the blueprint for the analytics to build a remediation that stops the attack and repairs the collateral damage to the machine.
Donor Technology solves a complex problem in building each remediation: the replacement of missing or corrupted machine attributes, such as files or registry key values. Donor Technology leverages the context of the endpoint population built by Triumfant’s analytics to identify machines that meet the requirements needed to provide replacement attributes. By getting the replacement attributes from donor machines, Triumfant eliminates the need for human intervention in the remediation process.

The cumulative result of all four patents is a unique malware detection and remediation solution that detects breaches within minutes of the infiltration, produces a comprehensive and actionable forensic analysis of the attack, stops the attack, and repairs the machine. Successful breaches are on the rise and organizations are clearly not equipped to detect such breaches. Statistics show that 60% of breaches go undetected for 30 days or more, and, when they are detected, 84% are found by someone other than the affected organization. Triumfant detects breaches in real-time, and Donor Technology ensures that detection is coupled with a rapid, informed response.

“This patent underscores the uniqueness of Triumfant’s solution, whether it be in detecting successful infiltrations, or building a remediation on the fly to stop the attack and repair the machine,” said Dave Hooks, Founder, and CTO, Triumfant. “Triumfant’s ability to detect and remediate attacks that have never been previously encountered provides organizations with an enormous advantage in rapidly responding to the persistent and complex threats they face every day.”

Triumfant® leverages patented analytics to detect malicious attacks that evade traditional endpoint protection solutions. Triumfant Resolution Manager discovers, diagnoses and repairs unwanted changes and builds situational remediations that address an attack and all collateral damage to return the attributes and elements of the machine affected by the attack to their pre-attack condition in real-time. Triumfant uses these same analytics to continually enforce security configurations and policies, ensuring that organizations start every day with their endpoints secure and audit ready.

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