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RU-CENTER Provides Facilities for L-Root Site in Russia

05-Apr-2012 | Source : | Visits : 7932
MARINA DEL REY, CA - Russian domain name services provider RU-CENTER and the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) have collaborated on a common project for L-Root site installation in Russia, according to the Corporation.

L-Root, operated by ICANN, is one of 13 DNS root servers, providing functionality and connectivity of the domain name system on the global level. DNS root servers are a key element of the Internet infrastructure necessary for user navigation as well as the integrity of the Internet address space.

Contributing to this ongoing mission, RU-CENTER has provided the equipment and datacenter facilities required for continued L-Root operation in Russia.

"One of ICANN's core values is to preserve and enhance the operational stability, reliability, security and global interoperability of the Internet," said Joe Abley, Director of ICANN's DNS Group. "This L-Root deployment is a vital step in helping us perform that function."

The root server site deployment in Russia is aimed at enhancing DNS failure-resistance and the stability of its functioning. This expansion allows for an increase in geographical diversity for the critical infrastructure of the global DNS, and its readiness to handle high loads (for example, Distributed Denial of Service, or DDoS, attacks) without collapsing. 

"RU-CENTER is one of the oldest DNS services providers in Russia," said Alexander Panov, RU-CENTER CEO. He explained, "The company has modern telecommunication equipment, our system engineers have valuable experience in the sphere of network technology – and we're glad to provide ICANN with the facilities for global DNS improvement."

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